Sparehanz and I… Still Supplying Demand

At the ripe age of 12 years old I MADE my first dollar “working WITH” my oldest and only brother, but…FOR MYSELF, by supplying the “services of delivery” (and was mentored in the language and business components/understanding of packaging, merchandising, logistical distribution, daily/weekly/monthly payment schedule concessions sales, negotiations, and cash handling/bookeeping/collections) within  the demand of newspaper advertisements and sales,

Demands are On Demand
Supplying the Service to the Demand

and by gosh, I got “bit” by the “Entrepreneur bug” early in life.

Through the years I TOO, have “tried ” many and “all kinds of” business models, jobs,work opportunities and industries that include MLM, Dooor-to-Door Direct Sales, My own Retail Store , .

Music licensing, Song Writing, Singing for a living and Producing songs.  I’ve had my own  Cleaning business, Recording Studio, worked in Auto Parts assembly “plants”,  a Start-up Business Consultant, I’ve worked on a  Railroad Track Maintenance Crew, New Highway Road Construction traveling team, a subcontractor for Home Remodeling projects/ full room/wall demolition/renovations, Lawncare Business, Direct TV Install Contractor, Traveling Walmart Vendoring and on and on,  with “some limited” success

True Story,  but THEN…

My Interests was peaked in the world of mobile device Apps immediately after UBER “came along” and I “started this conversation with myself” about becoming a driver. But the conversation evolved into me ultimately deciding  (original thought/goal) I wanted to learn how to, self-teach myself how to Develop, Design and Launch an App…

NOW…after many months of “conversations with myself”and a “few trusted confidants” I’m excited to announce this PRE-RELEASE posting The SpareHanz app brand.

Once fully developed and launched this app will be a HOME SCREEN app  that ANYBODY and EVERY BODY (with a Android or Iphone device) WILL NEED or WANT to use at some point,…to be continued…



One day I was sitting down, quiet deep in “thoughts” and a conversation began that went “something like this:


“I said to myself, “Self, It would be really Cool (because it simply makes things  easier),  and Safer (because it’s person to person, no middle person) and (because of what it is) creates a WIN-WIN  “financially beneficial component” to all  who use it, (what if…?) EVERYDAY PEOPLE anywhere at any time, had a SPECIAL Andoid or  Iphone APP on their HOMESCREEN that allow them to quickly locate “spare hands” help, workers and/or local professionals,  on demand..Or…?

…by activating the NOW AVAILABLE app button be instantly connected to opportunities that are compatible to their uploaded profile skills sets and approximate distance in direct “real time data” correlation of “local demand” for available “spare hands, at the “spur of the moment.Connected by Demand

I asked myself “Why couldn’t finding “spare hands” help   be just as easy and quickly as finding or being a “personally picked driver” who uses the UBER or LYFT ridesharing app to quickly and easily locate a ride, On demand.

It was plain to see that people who use the Lyft or UBER Apps to catch a ride or to be a driver are both meeting a mutual/complimentary need, and at the same time are solving a problem with a win-win solution for the app users on both ends of the offer and acceptance of the On-demand service.

Life itself proves that it doesn’t matter IF you are a Teenager, Senior, Rich, Middlle Class, Working Poor or Disabled,  WE ALL find ourselves in NEED of spare hands and most often at “the spur of the moment”

The SpareHanz brand has it’s lasers on Supplying Demand, On Demand

Get Some and Give Some…!

Supplying Demand, On demand

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