About SpareHanz and I

At the ripe age of 12 years old I MADE my first dollar using my “spare hands” “working WITH” my oldest brother, FOR MYSELF, and by gosh, I got “bit” by the “Entrepreneur bug” early in life.

Through the years I TOO, have “tried ” many and “all kinds of” business models, jobs, work opportunities and industries that include MLM, Dooor-to-Door Direct Sales, My own Retail Store , Music licensing, Song Writing, Singing and Productions, Cleaning business, Auto Parts assembly, Start-up Business Consulting, Railroad Maintenance, Construction/Remodeling, Lawncare, Direct TV Install Contractor, Walmart Vendoring and more, with “some limited” success but THEN…

My Interests was peaked in the world of mobile device Apps after UBER “came along” and I “started a conversation with myself” which led to me ultimately deciding to learn how to Develop, Design and Launch an App…

NOW…after many months of “conversations with myself”and a “few trusted confidants” I’m excited to announce this PRE-RELEASE posting introducing The SpareHanz brand.

Once launched as a IPhone and Android device app .. SpareHanz will become “the home screen saved” Mobile App that ANYBODY and EVERY BODY WILL NEED or WANT to use at some point,…to be continued


I said to myself, “Self, It would be really cool if EVERYDAY PEOPLE had a special APP on their HOMESCREEN that would allow them to quickly find “spare hands” whenever they needed, or better yet, BE paid to be available “spare hands, at the “spur of the moment.

I asked myself “Why couldn’t finding “spare hands help be just as easy and quickly as finding or being a “personally picked driver” who uses the UBER or LYFT ridesharing App.

It was plain to see that people who use the Lyft or UBER Apps to catch a ride or to be a driver are both meeting a mutual/complimentary need, and at the same time are solving a problem with a win-win solution for the app users on both ends of the offer and acceptance of the On-demand service.

Life itself proves that it doesn’t matter IF you are a Teenager, Senior, Rich, Middlle Class, Working Poor or Disabled WE ALL find ourselves in NEED of spare hands and most often at “the spur of the moment”

SpareHanz is what it says..and it gives you the power to…

Get Some or Give Some… On-Demand!